Saturday, December 26, 2009



Instead of my usual print info and equine event education. I wanted to keep it simple. I hope that 2010 brings us all happiness and joy. Here is lil bit of cowboy poetry written by my someone near and dear to my hear... Mr. Jac Kramer.


I knew I could never rodeo "hard"
Goin' ten or eleven months outta the year
Weekends were pretty much all the time I had
But still hold those times near and dear.
Fifteen years old 'n on my first bareback bronc
That's a late start compared to most of the greats,
Harry Tompkins was my hero back then
A role champion role model...and he was from New York State.
You could never say that my career wasnt distinguished
Compared to guys like Shoulders and Tibbs, folks probably dont remember my name,
But Lady Luck rode with me and I did win a rodeo or two
But I'd never make it to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.
Well...time has a way of changin' some things
And dreams can become bigger 'n life,
When this week I applauded as world champions gor gold buckles
Attending a Hall of Fame ceremony, this old cowboy and his wife.
My days of competing are well behind me now
I wear my memories of being a cowboy with pride,
And you'll still see me around the arena now and then
'Cause I've got a hell of a barrel racer standin' right by my side.

Happy Trails to all and to all ENJOY THE RIDE!

Leiann Klein

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